A Centre for Ideation, Water Enquiries, and Digital Applications
to improve the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Communities

aKasmika ideates solutions for vulnerable people in low-resource environments. It does this through Innovations and applied technologies. These may be information technologies or even just the act of manually pressing a handful of soil to understand the status of soil moisture. And it may be based on mapping  for spatial distribution or handheld phones for capturing offline data directly from the field. Or in finding ecom solutions to ensure PWDs are able to buy aids and appliances from their homes.

As a small digital resource group, aKasmika works with the disadvantaged to bridge the digital divide between them and the rest of the wired world. aKasmika recognises Volunteers, NGOs and other groups who work with vulnerable people and communities as also amongst the disadvantaged.

aKasmika builds GIS/MIS Data Backbones for data aggregation and accountability. 

aKasmika has built backbones for

  • Kallike, the SDTT-supported education resource group in Yadgiri for a Livelihoods database
  • MSSRF, Chennai, to track carbon benefits of its interventions in 3 tribal communities in Koraput district,
  • Climate-Neutral Village, a platform to track whether and to what degree rural communities were able to cope with the impact of Climate Change,
  • Intideepam, a women’s federation in the Nizamabad, Nirmal and Kammareddy districts of Telangana to aggregate their micro credit and livelihoods interventions.
  • IRDT, Hosur district
  • DC, Bengaluru Rural, problem identification and tracking, Agallakuppe Sansad Adarsh Grama Yojana, 
  • ICAR South Zone, Bengaluru, – 6-district presentation of PRA data

aKasmika is also exploring a package of Accountability Credits to bring transparency and accountability into fund raising for 

  • Monitoring and Assurance tools for Water, Trees and CO2 savings as Climate Change tools, and
  • e-commerce (https://endless.today/), as well as other village applications.